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Tint Master JC ~ 17+ years in the industry.

The SF Bay Area's Premier Choice In Professional Window Tinting

Our coverage area includes all of the Sonoma County, Marin County, San Francisco, SF Peninsula and it's encompassed cities to bring a wide reaching, but still focused service for our local community.
Jeremy Creager, Founder
About Perfect Darkness Tint
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High Quality Automotive Window Tinting
    We offer film that is just a shade lighter,
    allowing you to be seen in your posh ride.

    This film WILL NEVER turn purple,
    and keeps heat out just like the darker tints!

    And yes, the lighter, high-end film shades still PREVENT SKIN CANCER!

    Our lightest shade is legal even on your front windows!

    You can drive at night and still see everything clearly!

    This film has a lifetime warranty!

    The craftsmanship is also guaranteed for a lifetime!

    All jobs are done by the expert in window tint, guaranteed!

    You get bragging rights that you have the highest quality tint available!

    You are valued as a high-end client with Perfect Darkness Tint!

    Get the best, highest quality installation for your tint that only someone with 15 years of professional experience can do!

    Because we use only the highest quality film, you won’t have any interference with your antenna!

    Factory trained and certified!
Our Areas of Service include:
    Sonoma County
    Marin County
    San Francisco
    Bay Area
    East Bay
    South Bay
    North Bay
Our Tinter comes personally recommended by many high end automotive shop owners, including:

        BMW of San Fransisco
        MINI of San Fransisco
        Sonnen BMW of San Rafael, California
        German Motors Collision Center of SF
Perfect Darkness Tint
Don't spend another day squinting for the duration of your commute- You can have a fast, affordable, and professional window tint film application just the way you want it, Perfect Darkness style.
Who Are We?
Our company is a leader in high end automotive window tint installation in the greater Bay Area, and have been since 2006.

With a wealth of experience backed by the highest quality products, we strive to give you nothing short of perfection.

You will find our window tint application to be speedy, professional, and backed with a pledge of integrity. Our company is proud to call the beautiful Bay Area home.
What Do We Do?
We provide the greater Bay Area with the best quality automotive window tinting the area has to offer.

With a professional crew, the highest quality products, and a track record of proven quality, we deliver a window tinting service worthy of envy.

Our goal is to protect our clients, their passengers, and their vehicles from sun damage with a beautiful product that has long-term practical benefits. 
What Products Do We Use?
Our company uses the finest products available when it comes to delivering a quality window tinting application.

We focus on 3M Color Stable Automotive Window Film and 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Films. Our non-metallic film will not interfere with your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals, provides you with the highest quality heat reflection, is SPF rated 1700+, and is backed by a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee.

Your tint will retain its beauty, and never bubble or turn purple over time.

With a quality product like this, now is the perfect time to get the window tint job you always wanted.
Who Do We Serve?
We are a company that is proud to call Sonoma County, Marin County, San Francisco, and the beautiful Bay Area our home.

And in doing so we strive to bring the residents who share our area a service that feels all their own.

We strive for quality over quantity-- having found that by operating in this  fashion, that we have allowed ourselves to grow and expand, while never compromising on our standard of excellence.

If you're in the Bay Area, and contemplating finally getting your windows tinted, our company is here to give you the highest quality service you could ask for.